red, black & GREEN: a blues

May 14, 2012

Iam not going to write too much about red, black & GREEN: a blues, since the show has already left town after a 2-night stint at the ICA, even though I really couldn’t say enough about how remarkably good it was. That said, it’s always difficult to write about the kind of experimental performance pieces […]


“Millet and Rural France” opens at the MFA

October 1, 2010

John Stephen Dwyer covers the new Millet exhibition at the MFA.


The 66 goes past Coolidge Corner?: John Ewing’s Virtual Street Corners

May 21, 2010

Marisa Gjurgevich interviews Boston artist John Ewing about his upcoming digital media public art project between Coolidge Corner and Dudley Square.


The Gardner gets a shout out on “The Simpsons”

April 12, 2010

The Simpsons puts Mr. Burns in possession of Vermeer’s “The Concert,” one of the paintings stolen in the 1990 Gardner Heist. Watch the clip.


Gardner After Hours is a festive tribute to Isabella

March 11, 2010

John Stephen Dwyer reports on one of the best places to party (and see Renaissance art) in Boston.


My high school’s drama department should talk to Punchdrunk about a production of “Sleep No More.”

March 2, 2010

Images from Boston lowbrow collaborator Ryan Howell’s show at the Washington Street Art Center, documenting a decaying school.


A Museum Expansion Fact Sheet

February 27, 2010

John Stephen Dwyer gives a run-down on local museum expansions.


The Sol LeWitt MASS MoCA Show: Don’t wait until 2033

February 25, 2010

Bryce Lambert visits MASS MoCA in North Adams for three floors of Sol Lewitt wall drawings.


Anthony Apesos: artist, teacher, man for all seasons

February 22, 2010

Along the streets of Boston this season, I haven’t seen so much as a precocious crocus to assure me this winter, too, shall pass. But at the Arnold Arboretum, at least one variety of pussy willow (Salix gracilistyla) has already sprouted fuzzy catkins to shine in the winter sun. Just as encouragingly, the Arboretum’s Hunnewell […]


Herb and Dorothy (2008)

December 24, 2009

I missed the short run the Kendall Landmark gave the 2008 documentary Herb and Dorothy a few months ago. Apparently, I also missed it on PBS’s Independent Lens, but we all know how hard it is to keep up with PBS’s schedule. I was finally just able to see it on video. The film follows […]


Notes from the MFA: A Mummy Head, Footed Canopic Jar, and Madonna

November 3, 2009

Egyptian art always freaks me out a little. Although I certainly don’t believe aliens built the pyramids, it is so alien, and often so much more unsettling in its abstractions of human form than modern or contemporary art is supposed to be. Those wide dark eyes on the statues and paintings, the lines of sculpture […]


OBEY Apparel Ltd.

October 22, 2009

I spotted this hat on the #1 bus the other day and though I don’t want to become a ranting Shepard Fairey hater, I felt I should at least draw some attention to his clothing line. The AP, in a recent amendment to their case, is now counting OBEY Clothing as a defendant in the suit. […]


The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction (and Copyright)

October 17, 2009

I suppose I’m responding here more to activity in the local blogosphere (see Joel Brown and Thomas Garvey), than I am to the ongoing news of Shepard Fairey versus the AP and his recent statement that he knowingly falsified evidence, because I follow those blogs more closely than Shepard Fairey news and my problem with […]


ICA, Do It Your Way

October 14, 2009

After seeing the Shepard Fairey exhibition at the ICA and witnessing all the hype drummed up by Fairey’s ‘arrest,’ I’ve felt that the museum, as an institution, has this very tangible presence in what it puts on. When you go see the Titians, or whatever, at the MFA you don’t get a sense of the […]