The color of Massachusetts – Traditions, Festivals and the Mentality of the Locals

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The history of the state and the appearance of some national holidays is very interesting. In the early 17th century, the English landed on the shores of what is now Massachusetts, they came to America on the legendary merchant ship Mayflower in search of a better life. Natives of the state, Indians, helped the foreign guests to settle in a new place, a significant event took place in 1620. In 1621, the English, along with the natives, began harvesting the first crops they had grown together. The English were so pleased with the new living conditions that they decided to organize a great feast for the Indians – a sumptuous feast lasted three days.

Those who want to get acquainted with interesting national traditions of Massachusetts, should definitely go to Boston on the eve of one of the major holidays. Each of them is celebrated here in a special way, even New Year’s Eve is not like in many other cities of the United States. It was in Boston that the tradition of “First Night” appeared, which implies a complete refusal to drink alcoholic beverages on the first night of the New Year.

Every year Boston hosts a very interesting Boston Early Music Festival, an event that will impress all music lovers without exception. The festival is attended by world-famous musical groups that perform Baroque and Renaissance music, as well as classical music and medieval music, which has long lost much of its popularity. From early morning until late at night, Boston hosts concerts one after another, and guests can diversify their visit by participating in interesting entertainment events.

In recent years, the festival has included very interesting exhibitions and informative lectures, and the festival is becoming more and more large-scale and popular. Traditions and culture of Massachusetts are incredibly interesting and diverse, they give the state a special flavor and charm. The locals are proud of their culture and are always ready to share a part of national warmth with foreign guests.

Another popular festival in the region is the Boston Cyberarts Festival, the largest event in the world of digital art, which is held in late April through early May (and, as the name suggests, in Boston). Visitors have a unique opportunity to see beautiful art installations, theatrical and dance performances, animation, enjoy music and film screenings, attend conferences, exhibitions and workshops. Right after it (in early or mid-May), the Watch City Steampunk Festival kicks off in Waltham, inviting you to take a trip back to the Victorian era with its “obsession” with steam and industry. The event includes musical concerts, theatrical shows, exhibitions and fairs. All in the alluring atmosphere of the Victorian era.

Among music festivals, in addition to the Boston Early Music Festival, the Boston Art and Music Soul Festival (or simply BAMS – under this name it is better known) is interesting. The event is held in late July at an open-air venue so that attendees can not only listen to music, but also enjoy the nice weather. The organizers believe that the combination of visual art and music is probably the most harmonious combination, and offer guests to enjoy art installations, graffiti, and, of course, music from the genres of soul, blues, and reggae. Boston Calling is another interesting event for music lovers, which takes place in Elsston at the end of May. It features music from a variety of genres by popular local artists.

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