John Stephen Dwyer


Boston Premiere of Laurie Anderson’s “Delusion”

September 28, 2011

John Stephen Dwyer reviews Laurie Anderson’s new touring show Delusion.


“Millet and Rural France” opens at the MFA

October 1, 2010

John Stephen Dwyer covers the new Millet exhibition at the MFA.


Twice Roosevelt: Eldest grandchild of Franklin and Eleanor writes about the pitfalls of privilege

April 19, 2010

John Stephen Dwyer interviews Curtis Roosevelt, grandson of Franklin and Eleanor on his memoir “Too Close to the Sun.”


The Yes Wave: Whitehaus happenings and a conversation with Morgan Shaker

March 18, 2010

John Stephen Dwyer previews Blastfest III, the 12 hour equinox concert event this Saturday @ the Cambridge YMCA Theater.


Gardner After Hours is a festive tribute to Isabella

March 11, 2010

John Stephen Dwyer reports on one of the best places to party (and see Renaissance art) in Boston.


Wolff at the Door: A Foray into the Boston Athenæum

March 6, 2010

John Stephen Dwyer reviews Katherine Wolff’s new history of the Boston Athenæum.


Jonathan Demme receives Coolidge Award, premiers “Neil Young Trunk Show”

March 3, 2010

And the Coolidge Award goes to……Jonathan Demme.


A Museum Expansion Fact Sheet

February 27, 2010

John Stephen Dwyer gives a run-down on local museum expansions.


Anthony Apesos: artist, teacher, man for all seasons

February 22, 2010

Along the streets of Boston this season, I haven’t seen so much as a precocious crocus to assure me this winter, too, shall pass. But at the Arnold Arboretum, at least one variety of pussy willow (Salix gracilistyla) has already sprouted fuzzy catkins to shine in the winter sun. Just as encouragingly, the Arboretum’s Hunnewell […]