SpeakEasy Stage


Rock & Roll Genocide: “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson”

November 13, 2012

In what continues a very youthful streak for the SpeakEasy stage, Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson pulls together a large, young cast into an oddly satirical rock musical on the life and times of our notorious 7th president Andrew Jackson. The show transforms the history and cutthroat politics of a nation just barely holding onto its […]


Two Talking Plays: SpeakEasy’s “Motherfucker with the Hat” and the Huntington’s “Good People”

September 26, 2012

If there are two hot tickets in Boston right now, they’re SpeakEasy’s The Motherfucker with the Hat and the Huntington’s Good People. That said, I think SpeakEasy’s show is vastly superior in just about every way that matters, particularly in how it balances its comedy with its seriousness. But really these plays are a lot […]


Still like those old time musicals: SpeakEasy’s “The Drowsy Chaperone”

May 26, 2011

SpeakEasy’s production of The Drowsy Chaperone is a perfectly executed comic romp through what is both musical theater’s golden age and awkward adolescence.


Bros Before Hos: SpeakEasy’s “Reasons to Be Pretty”

March 15, 2011

For the first 15 minutes of Neil LaBute’s Reasons to Be Pretty (in a production by SpeakEasy at the BCA through April 2nd) we wait to find out what Greg (Andy Macdonald) said over at his buddy Kent’s (Burt Grinstead) place to piss his girlfriend Steph (Angie Jepson) off so much that she starts tearing […]


Baker in Boston: The Huntington’s “Circle Mirror Transformation” and SpeakEasy’s “Body Awareness”

November 2, 2010

Two plays of a three-play festival set in the quirky town of Shirley, VT, where nobody talks like characters in a play.


A Trailer Park Pulls into the South End

May 12, 2010

The SpeakEasy Stage hauls some trailer trash into the South End with “The Great American Trailer Park Musical.”


Add It Up: SpeakEasy’s “Adding Machine”

March 18, 2010

Victoria Petrosino reviews SpeakEasy’s new musical spin on the 1923 Elmer Rice play “Adding Machine.”


[title of post]

January 21, 2010

Whatever you say about SpeakEasy’s [title of show], you can’t say it’s not funny. I don’t even like contemporary musicals. The knock-off plots, simplified music, un-lyrical lyrics, gratuitous flamboyance, and high ticket prices don’t appeal to me, as much as I love the Golden Age Hollywood productions. But, [title of show] is the straight-up funniest […]


“Where the Magic Happens” :)

December 9, 2009

Last weekend, the SpeakEasy Stage did what more theater groups should probably be doing, staging a sort of spur-of-the-moment, simply produced one or two-night show that’s not on the season schedule. We get plenty of free readings from the A.R.T and Whistler in the Dark, but they’re not shows. Although not free, a show like […]


Inverted Christmas Trees: SpeakEasy’s “Reckless”

November 25, 2009

The SpeakEasy Stage Company’s production of Reckless isn’t your typical Christmas show, but you still get most of the trimmings–they’re just wrapped in a different color paper. Okay, that’s enough of the Christmas puns, maybe. In most Christmas shows or movies, A Christmas Carol and the Nativity being the models for nearly all of them, […]